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Our Adventure retreats will free your spirit, and rejuvenate your inner child. 

You will be let free into the wild depths of the Seas to Sky corridor, where you will get to play, grow, and gain experience with activities you have always dreamed of doing! At Buddhi-Fit we strive to welcome you with open arms and find out what sparks your inner desires, to help you open yourself up to new experiences. 

Some experiences you may be interested in;

  • Paddle boarding

  • Yoga

  • Hiking

  • Camping

  • kayaking

  • 4x4ing

  • cliff jumping

  • fishing

  • star gazing

  • fire jam sessions

  • cooking

  • climbing

  • trail walking

  • archery

  • Swimming

  • Axe throwing

and many many more!

Life is all about living out of your comfort zone, getting excited about an experience, and living life to the edge.

We want to help bring out your inner child and find your smile. We will teach you the skills and techniques needed for each activity, the safety precautions, and we will do our best to guide you, to have the time of your life!

All of our guides are experienced and have proper first aid training. 

Group Adventure Retreats

We offer great deals for those who want to have a private retreats with family, friends or coworkers.

These retreats can be customized and adjusted to whatever the groups biggest desires are. If it is doing Yoga on a paddle board, hiking to beautiful lakes to swim to rope swings or cliff jumps, or going on a weekend camping trip, Buddhi-Fit has you covered!

Retreats vary in length and take place on various occasions.

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