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Yoga, Fitness, Adventure, Survival

At Buddhi-Fit Retreats we inspire you to live your best life.

Here you will submerge yourself into nature, alongside, mountains, rivers, and roaring waterfalls with indescribable views. You will become more connected to yourself and to your surroundings. Allowing you to sense what being free is like, what a functional healthy body feels like, and discovering what skills you are hiding within yourself. 

Our teachers will help you find yourself, by leading you through many different self love exercises, movement, experiences, and teaching you ways to find abundance, health and love in your life. 


At Buddhi-Fit classes and retreats you will learn about your body, how to move, breathe, nourish and take care of it, as well as using your body to experience life from different angles. .

We coach holistic wellness and living, as well as how to be present in nature, to respect it, and how to thrive in it. We take our clients in and show them what life is about.


 Our goal is to get people out of their comfort zone.

“If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you”


We also provide a variety of skill building and health courses such as Yoga, fitness, nutrition, survival skills, bush craft, fire building, outdoor cooking, scavenging, shelter building, , self healing, meditation, breathing, manifestation and of course FUN!

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